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Body Psychotherapy

for couples

A training course in couple therapy through Body Psychotherapy

CPD program – Continuing Professional Development

The training course will be held in English

via Zoom

  BP4C course includes 12 classes

(5 hours each meeting)

held on Thursdays, every 2-3 weeks

 from the 08 February 2024

till the 25 July 2024

15.00-20.00 (London time)

16.00-21.00 (Rome time) 

17.00-22.00 (Tel Aviv time) 

10.00-15.00 (South America time)

08.00-13.00 (New York time)


Anat Ben-Israel
Anat Ben-IsraelIndividual and couples therapist
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Gabriel Shiraz and I are both colleague and trained Biodynamic Body Psychotherapists. Over many years I have, through my private practice and as a trainer, have been working with couples and family issues and was looking for a training in Couple Therapy from a Body Psychotherapy perspective. That s exactly what Gabriel’s Couple Therapy course offers! I found his course inspiring and filled with practical techniques which are supported by his extensive theoretical knowledge and many years of experience. I highly recommend Gabriel’s course for the therapists who want to enrich their knowledge base and add more variety to their private practice.
Ofir Kantor
Ofir KantorIndividual and couples therapist
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My experience in the couples therapy course in body psychotherapy with Gabriel was amazing. I came to the course because I took care of children, and parent trainings, and I felt that I was missing something in working with parents, in their dynamics. And the studies with Gabriel settled me like a glove song. Today I have been treating couples since I graduated, and with great success. The women who took the course together with me were also wonderful, and we are in a good relationship to this day. I highly recommend it.
Ernessa Bergman
Ernessa BergmanBiosynthesis Body Psychotherapist, Couple Body Psychotherapist, Food Addiction Counsellor
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I first met Gabriel Shiraz in his Couple Therapy Course for Body Psychotherapists. Two things immediately attracted me and reinforced my decision to take his course. One was his unusual personal attention , intelligence and friendliness. He was very interested in my development and work. His level of encouragement which touched on the academic, psychological and personal was unsurpassed in my experience. In fact, I so much enjoyed the exchanges and the environment that I participated in his course in both English & Hebrew. I enjoyed his guidance the that he gave on Zoom during the height of Covid and in person.The second point that becomes quickly apparent in his course is his philosophy of Therapy which both enabled and encouraged me to use my existing knowledge and experiences and apply them to Couple Therapy. Because of this I was able to add ‘Couples’ to my Therapy portfolio. Gabriel was a steady hand in terms of guiding me and was / is available for supervision at every turn.

Body-mind exercises with BP4C


Program fee – 12 sessions of 5 hours each.

Price: 1200 Euro.

Payment can be made in 2 – 4 installments.

For those, who have financial challenges,

please contact Gabriel Shiraz.



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Please read 2 articles from Gabriel Shiraz about Body Couple Psychotherapy:

from January 2020 published in SPT – Somatic Psychotherapy Today

Published in the SPT – 2015

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